NCR and Bank of New Zealand win prestigious IT award for Predictive Services

NCR Corporation and Bank of New Zealand have jointly won the highly coveted ‘Best ATM Installation and Management Project’ at the Asian Banker 2012 Technology Implementation Awards.


This is the third consecutive win for NCR and is particularly significant because the award category has only been won four times since the programme began in 2006.


The achievement recognises Bank of New Zealand’s world-first deployment by a financial institution of NCR Predictive Services, a unique technology that anticipates ATM failures before they occur and proactively schedules fixes to maximize uptime.


As a result, BNZ has reduced the downtime of its ATMs by a third and is now achieving network availability of nearly 99 percent, translating into an extra 20,000 hours of ATM uptime across the BNZ network.


Paul Johnson, BNZ channel manager, ATM and self-service, recognises the value the technology has brought to the bank and to its customers.  “NCR Predictive Services is one of the best innovations I’ve seen in the last fifteen years.  It’s a game-changer.  It has enabled BNZ to establish a strong competitive edge through a superior customer experience.”


More than 40 percent of alerts from BNZ’s ATM network are now predictive, meaning an engineer arrives to fix a fault before it has actually occurred.  Previously ATMs would only send alerts after failure and it could be up to four hours before an engineer brought it back into service.


Steve Culhane, Asia Pacific vice president, NCR Services, said, “To win the Asian Banker IT award three years in a row is an incredible achievement and one NCR is very proud of. It recognises the strength and uniqueness of the technologies that have made NCR the undisputed leader in ATMs and financial self-service for more than quarter of a century.


“It is also testament to the innovative culture of BNZ and our other winning partners in Asia Pacific that have pioneered these technologies in order to serve their customers better.”


In previous years NCR won The Asian Banker’s ‘Best ATM Installation and Management Project’ award with:


2011: Westpac New Zealand for its unique ‘Smart ATM’, an NCR SelfServ™ ATM that accepts envelope-free deposits of cash, cheques and coins (and bulk deposit bags) in a single transaction.


2010: HDFC Bank (India) for its implementation of NCR APTRA™ eMarketing, a cross-channel marketing tool that delivers consistent, personalised promotions across the ATM, online, email and call centre channels.



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