A-DATA Introduces S701 USB Flash Drive and SDHC Memory Card

A-Data introduces S701 USB flash drive and SDHC memory card Eee PC special edition. A-Data offers additional storage for your entire digital life.

In today’s daily life, we all use and share a great scale of digital images, audio and video. To storage our digital life, the Eee PC may be insufficient for some users. Through built-in memory card reader, A-DATA SDHC memory card can be used as a "permanent" second storage drive. This 8GB SDHC memory card offers larger capacities at great prices and able to store 4,000-6,000 pictures, more than 2,000 mp3 songs and 14 ~16hrs MPEG videos.

To share your digital files, you can choose A-Data’s S701 USB flash drive special Eee PC edition: white exterior with leather carrying strap. This S701 will be the best accessory to match your Eee PC.

The S701 and SDHC memory card have life-time warranty that assures you to store all your files for an extended period.

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