A-DATA Wins 2008 red dot Design Awards

The 2008 red dot Design Awards results have been announced, and A-DATA N702 and S701 USB Flash Drives have been chosen as winners of the red dot Design Awards. Since 2008, N702 and S701 are consecutively awarded by iF and red dot design awards and this shows A-DATA's commitment to increase its brand recognition, innovation and the ability to provide cutting-edge, contemporary design.

Founded in 1955, red dot design award is the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world. Each year an international jury reviews and evaluates the submitted products according to criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality and the formal quality. There are 3,230 products participated this year. The innovative design makes N702 and S701 stand out from numerous competitors, and it is the third time for A-DATA to win the red dot design award. These awards demonstrate that A-DATA’s products can cross the cultural and esthetical difference and can perfectly satisfy the need of all consumers.

Awarded by iF and red dot represent the capability of A-DATA’s design to receive worldwide recognition. For consumers who love fashion, the flash drives are the way of showing their own style and taste. And now, there are stylish designs to match their way of life.

“A-DATA believes that everyone has his/her own unique taste. This concept has inspired A-DATA to meet consumers fashion sense with the new N702 and S701 flash drives,” said Kevin Weng, Director, A-DATA Product & Market Planning Division.

Each customer can choose product by his/ her needs. The lifetime warranty assures you that you can store all A-DATA N702 and S701 have complete capacity and technical speciation, and your files for an extended period.

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