ACDWA fights against piracy

As a recent initiative against anti-piracy, the Allahabad Computer Dealer Welfare Association (ACDWA) adds to the trend. The association along with the support from its local members and channel partners has started a collective fight against this move.

As per the local partners, the customers of Allahabad are not much computer savvy and hence do not have much awareness about the piracy move. In such a scenario, the dealers who are into selling of the pirated software easily can make them fool and dump them with such products.

Battling against this odd, the association members are initiating into knowledge programs for the customers. The customers can get all the information about piracy and its owes at the partners’ shops. The consumers are also educated about the benefits, which they can avail from the registered software.

based Manoj Kumar, Partner, True Com, said, “Channel partners are facing problems from the piracy market. Customers do not know about pirated items and they only concentrate on the amount of the product. Since this the main problem for us hence idea for our fight against piracy is very good and we think all the partners will be benefited from this.”

Similarly as per the association the consumers also needs to be educated about the service related issues, which they might face after purchasing pirated software. Shivshanker Singh, President, ACWDA, said “This time channel partners are facing lots of problems with the pirated items and the customers do not know the service oriented problems, which they might face after buying such items.” He further added, “We have also started to spread the message to the dealers that they should strictly say no to piracy as this entire process is illegal and they might end up in undergoing serious fine and punishment.”

It is quite evident that ACDWA members are all set to eradicate piracy from its regime. In such a scenario, the vendors should also extend a helping hand towards the association and concentrate on conducting educational programs for the customers along with its ongoing raids against the channel partners.


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