Acer ties up with Intel for "virtual velocity"

Acer India has collaborated with Intel for the Virtual Velocity Treasure Hunt. The event saw the participation from Puneites and the winning team comprised of Mihir Paramane, Manoj G. and Sangeeta Kadam. 

The winners were awarded Acer Aspire 4710 notebooks powered by Intel Centrino Duo technology. 

Based on the need for speed and talent with the virtual world, the Acer-Intel Treasure Hunt comprised of total of 10 teams with there participants each, the celebrities being a part of one team.  Using Acer's latest notebooks, the teams had to crack a series of codes and play an online game to figure out the route of their Treasure Hunt which led them to several prominent locations across the city from Gold Adlabs to SGS Mall where the prize ceremony was held.   

Each team was equipped with the Acer Notebooks powered by Intel Centrino Duo technology, which the participants used to solve various clues at special Wi-Fi enabled locations and proceed to the next destination. The winners were judged on the time taken to solve the Treasure Hunt and the amount of battery power used in the notebooks. 

S. Rajendran, Chief Marketing Officer, Acer India, said, "I would like to congratulate all the winners of Virtual Velocity and thank all the participants for their support and enthusiasm. We are pleased with the tremendous response this event has received. This unique treasure hunt is a great platform for displaying the power of mobility. With such events, we hope to increase the visibility of our products and presence even further".  

The treasure hunt revolved around four vectors of mobility: performance - needed to solve the code and play the online game, small form factor - needed for computing on the move,  battery life - needed to keep the notebook running throughout the duration of the game and connectivity - needed to log on to the Internet to participate in the Treasure Hunt.  

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