Acer tops in LCD 'wide' monitor market

According to Q3 report from IDC, Acer has been ranked top in the LCD wide monitor market in India followed by Viewsonic and Samsung.  

The report says that Acer has witnessed a tremendous growth in market share from 9.5% in Q3 2006 to 22.8% in Q3 2007. Acer presently, dominates the LCD wide monitor market with total unit sales of 72, 144 in Q3 2007 alone.  

S. Rajendran, GM- Sales and Marketing, said, "We at Acer are proud to be the first company to actively champion the transition of 15-inch TFT monitors to the 'wide screen' format, introducing 15-inch wide, 17-inch wide and 19-inch wide TFT monitors in a big way. We have an attractive 'Go big go wide’ product range with great price points and one of the largest service networks in the country. Our unique channel strategy has had a significant impact in not only growing the LCD wide monitor market but the display market as a whole."  

As per a company spokesperson, Acer's success in the LCD monitor market has been driven by their continuous focus on the strategy of 'Go Big Go Wide' where in the company constantly checkmated its competition by driving the market on to the bigger and wider form factors and bringing out the latest models first into the market. This has been further supplemented by unique features like the 'e-key'. Other factors which are responsible for the phenomenal growth include better features like Brightness, enhanced response time and design of the TFTs like the Ferrari co-branded TFTs which have seen a major penetration of Acer TFTs into the home segment. 

A key part of the success has also been Acer's differentiated channel strategy focused on striking partnerships with channels focused on key user segments like Home, SME/SMB, Large accounts and Government apart from working and reaching out effectively to the vast network of smaller channel partners focused on end user TFT sales which has in turn created a major pull for the products across the channel. 

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