Acro becomes MSI Regional Distributor

Delhi based Acro Engineering announced that its appointment as a Regional Distributor for MSI graphic cards. With a dealer network of around 400 partners across the country, the company is also distributor for some Taiwanese brands like Palit, Coolermaster, Glacialtech and so on.

Speaking about its appointment as Regional Distributor for MSI, Niranjan Kumar Singh, GM, Acro, said, “We are very glad to be appointed as a Regional distributors for the MSI graphic cards. We are getting good response. We are selling 800 cards per month and our target is to achieve 1500 per month.

Singh further added, “We are taking this opportunity as a new path to capture more market share. For this we will shortly opening more branches in Northern regions like Punjab, Jaipur and Lucknow. We also plan to go ahead in metropolitan cities.”

When asked about the market share with this new range of products, Singh said, “We are also looking forward to our distributors to maintain Number One position in the market.  We will also announce new schemes time to time for our distributors benefit.”

Along with its venture with MSI products, Acro also plans to enter into the dealing of surveillance products in future.




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