Adobe Bullish On Southern Market

Adobe India has announced its plans for southern  India  post  the  launch  of  the company's latest offering, Adobe Creative Suite 3 product line.

Adobe's  new  Creative  Suite  3  line-up  unites the best of Adobe and Macromedia product innovation  to  provide  designers and developers with a broad spectrum of creative options for  all  facets  of print, web, mobile, interactive, film, and video production.

Adobe as a special initiative, is driving tie-ups with educational institutions in Tamilnadu. It is working with the largest technical  university  in  Tamil  Nadu  to  help  them  set up multimedia labs for students aspiring to acquire skills in the creative industry.

There are six  all-new configurations of Adobe Creative Suite 3. These include Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design  Premium  and  Design  Standard editions; Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium and Web Standard editions; and Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium.

"Creative  Suite 3 is the biggest launch in Adobe's 25 year history and a milestone for the creative  industry,"  said  Bruce  Chizen,  chief executive officer at Adobe. "This release reflects  the powerful integration between Adobe and Macromedia and how our products bridges the  gap between designers and developers.'' 

He added: ``With new workflows that streamline collaboration and  impact the development of rich content, designers and developers now have the creative license to engage audiences across virtually every medium."

Rounding  out  the product line is Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection which combines 12 of  Adobe's  new design and development applications in a single box, the most comprehensive creative environment ever delivered.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 provides its customers in the creative industry with the much needed productive and flexible solutions.

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