Allahabad Dealer Association Starts Service Book

Channel partners in Allahabad are facing numerous problems, especially at the time of replacement and service of goods. Since the customers are educative and knowledgeable about the variety of IT items in stores, they keep badgering the channel partners for every small problem. To aid and overcome this hurdle, theAllahabad Dealer Association has decided on a service book.

Most customers call channel partners at any time of the day when they have a problem or realise some fault with their products. Even if the internet is not working, there could be complaints that come forth, dealers said.

The Allahabad Dealer Association has started a service book whereby the person can call the shop owner free for the first five times but thereafter, if the person has a complaint or wants some service from the dealer, he will have to shell out service charges. This has been done to keep in check the numerous unsolicited phone calls that dealers have to face.

The service book also aids channel partners since they get benefit and do not have to spend much time on areas which are not under their control, like internet hang-up services or any other software problem.

Speaking about the system, Deepak Agrawal, proprietor,  Matrix said, "The Allahabad area is where customers are not well educated. Though they may purchase computers for their children, whenever they face a small problem they immediately pick up the phone and call us. Though we want to maintain the relation with the end-user, we do go and attend to most of the calls, there are some issues that are even beyond us. Since most of the calls are for complaints that we cannot service, we have decided to start the service book.''

Manoj Kumar, partner at True COM said, "We all channel partners face a similar problem at the time of service. The customer cannot differentiate if this is a service problem or not and hence keep pestering us. They give us a call when the internet server is down and when any software creates problems. We cannot attend to that, though we do go along and try to maintain our relationship.''

Speaking about the need for a service book, Vipin Gupta, president, ACWDA said, " Most customers want more than the services which we can give, which is not possible on the current profit of items. The rate of profit is very low and to provide this type of service in this profit is very difficult for most channel partners.''

The service book will come in handy with customers who keep calling and pestering channel partners, because once they realise that after five calls, they will have to pay service tax, they automatically slow down in their number of calls.

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