Asia Powercom Enhances Line Interactive Range

Asia Powercom, the fastest growing power solutions in the country, have launched KAL 1000UPS's with extended backup for upto eight hours, and targeted at quality protection for small servers, and workstations and PCs, and supports upto four PCs.   The company has added this to the current portfolio of KAL 300A and KAL 500A. 

The KAL 1000 AP is specially designed for Indian conditions and has unique features that other ordinary UPS's do not provide.   With two Indian output 5 pin sockets and a circuit breaker protection, there is also a feature of OFF mode battery charging and an inbuilt Telephone / Modem / LAN surge protector.

When utility input is normal, the UPS would provide surge protection to equipment and energy to charge the internal battery. If the utility input is abnormal, the UPS can supply AC power to the load immediately without resetting the computer.

Tejas Sheth, director, Asia Powercom, said, "Our objective is to enhance our presence in the SMB segment, as we see tremendous potential.   KAL is an ideal value for money product and we are confident that the channel fraternity will grab this opportunity and make full use of tapping the segment. ''

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