Belkin Introduces N1 Vision Wireless Router

Belkin Asia Pacific announced the launch of the N1 Vision wireless router in India. Offering an extended operating range of 1600 feet, the N1 Vision wireless router boasts of its plug-and-play "CD-less" installation and simple network security setup.  

Designed for streaming music, videos and photos, playing online games, emailing, web surfing, emailing or simply chatting with friends online, the Belkin N1 Vision wireless router is packaged in a sleek design that offers the best in networking performance with its wireless 802.11n 3x3 MIMO radio design and wired gigabit ports. 

"With increasing awareness and rising adoption of broadband and networking solutions, we believe, Indian consumers today look for real time network information and for safer and secure digital homes," says Madhu Joshi, Business Development Director, India, Belkin. He added, "The N1 Vision presents a perfect, affordable solution to consumers keen on implementing an extended range, wireless network for their homes and small offices."  

Compatible with IEEE 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.11n draft 2.0, 802.3ab standards, the N1 Vision wireless router Patent-pending LCD displays, that offers real time network information to users including: 

  a.. Download/Upload Speedometer

  b.. Network Bandwidth Usage

  c.. Number of Connected Devices

  d.. Guest Access Network Key

  e.. Date and Time 

The wireless router also offers: 

  a.. Link Rate: Up to 300Mbps in 20/40MHz channel mode

  b.. Ports: WAN - 1 Gigabit port; LAN - 4 Gigabit ports

  c.. Security: Wi-Fi Protected Setup; WPAT, WPA2T; 64-/128-bit WEP

encryption; multiple SSID

  d.. VPN Support: PPTP; IPSec pass-through 

Belkin networking products are distributed in India by Cyberstar Infocom.

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