Business Objects a leader in BI- says IDC

Business Objects announced that IDC has named the business intelligence (BI) market share leader, according to the 2006 market share numbers. With 2006 BI software license and maintenance revenues of $893.6 million, Business Objects owns a 14% share of the business intelligence software tools market.

The IDC report, ‘Worldwide Business Intelligence 2006 Vendor Shares (June 2007)’ combines software license and maintenance revenue data from query, reporting, analysis tools, and advanced analytics software. As per the report, BI market grew 11.5% to reach $6.25 billion in worldwide software revenues. Besides, IDC also reported that Business Objects BI tools revenue is now 30% larger than the next closest vendor.

"Business Objects has been on top of the business intelligence market for more than a decade now," said John Schwarz, CEO, Business Objects. He added, "Over the years, the landscape may have changed, but the leader has remained consistent. Through continuous innovation and strong execution of our vision, Business Objects has set a high standard within the industry for what a complete BI platform must deliver to customers. Companies around the world use the Business Objects XI platform as a mission-critical component in their business, utilizing the insight it provides to transform the way they work and accelerate their business performance."

The IDC report also states that Business Objects also continues to lead the end-user query, reporting, and analysis tools category, the largest segment of the BI market, capturing nearly 18% of that market.


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