Calsoft partners with Marketics Technologies

California Software (Calsoft) announced their partnership with Marketics Technologies (Marketics), an offshore marketing analytics and a company of WNS (Holdings), a provider of offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) services. 

Marketics offers revenue-enhancing analytics solutions to its customers through improved marketing effectiveness and increased return on marketing investment.  

Dr. J K Nair, Executive VP and COO, Calsoft, said, "The partnership would help us to provide more value to our customers by providing them with intelligent information at the right time. We are excited at the benefits this will bring in to our customers" 

As per the press release, the partnership between Calsoft and Marketics will facilitate offering Marketics' solutions to Calsoft's customers globally. Through this partnership, Marketics will provide analytics solutions to Calsoft's global clients building off existing technology infrastructure. These solutions will cover a range of business analytics solutions around marketing, customer segmentation, pricing, risk management, optimization and revenue management. 

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