Compuware announces Uniface 9.2

Compuware Corporation announced the immediate availability of its Uniface 9.2 Application Platform Suite, its enterprise application development solution. This new version enables IT organizations to accelerate the development and deployment of enterprise applications by extending multi-channel support to mobile devices. 

Underpinning multi-channel deployment, Uniface 9.2 also introduces extensive support for service oriented architecture and web services technologies. 

In addition to support for enterprise application deployment on multiple platforms, the Uniface Multi-channel deployment platform also provides support for Windows Vista and mobile devices. The new Uniface Mobile capability supports Microsoft Windows Mobile and provides for connection via the leading wireless technologies.   

Uniface 9.2 includes new and integrated versions of the entire Uniface Application Platform Suite (APS) including Uniface, Uniface Web Application Server and Uniface Flow. The Uniface Portal capability in the Uniface Web Application Server simplifies how documents, database reports and enterprise applications are made available to employees--as well as external customers--using the web-based interface. Uniface Flow is Compuware’s premier tool for modeling, integration and management of business processes. 

With enhanced support for web services and service oriented architecture, Uniface fully supports the production and consumption of web services for enterprise applications. This support includes XML Schema, Soap and WSDL. Uniface 9.2 will communicate with any standards-compliant web service, is WS-I compliant and supports complex communication, modeling and validation methods. Uniface 9.2 speeds the development of portal-based applications and enables customers to develop their own composite business services using mash-up capabilities.  

“Today’s IT organizations want to rapidly develop enterprise applications and deploy those applications on a wide variety of platforms from mobile to the mainframe,” said Aad van Schetsen, VP, Uniface Solutions, Compuware Corporation. He added, “Compuware Uniface 9.2 will help our customers to leverage the benefits of service oriented architecture and mobile technologies to develop new and modernize existing applications.” 

The Uniface APS is a highly productive, reusable and proven platform for developing composite applications. It provides open connectivity to help integrate and extend legacy applications, while supporting a wide range of emerging technologies and innovations.  

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