Cooler Master Launches Centurion 590 PC Chassis

Cooler Master has launched the latest PC chassis in its Centurion series - the Centurion 590. Sporting a fully-meshed front panel design, tool-free user-friendliness, and an extra roomy interior, the Centurion 590 offers a mid-tower case fit for PC users everywhere. 

The Centurion 590’s front panel features a fully-meshed design that provides better airflow. The Centurion 590 can accommodate up to eight 120mm fans for high-efficiency ventilation and the Rear panel has retaining holes for liquid cooling kits.  

As per the press release, Cooler Master has incorporated numerous innovations to make the Centurion 590 the most user-friendly PC chassis yet. A completely tool-free design allows users to easily install and maintain their hardware. Removable hard drive racks means drive devices provide for easy assembly and add-on cards can be installed and removed in a snap, all without the need for clumsy tools. Hardware freaks will be happy to hear that the spacious interior of the Centurion 590 accommodates a full NVIDIA SLI setup, and for even more expansion, users can purchase the optional 4-in-3 device module that allows users to install 4 hard disks in the space of three 5.25 inch drive bays - another example of Cooler Master's innovation. 

In the 590, a bottom-mounted power supply eases installation and improves thermal performance. Finally, a front-mounted IO panel provides easy access for your favorite peripherals. 

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