CTL conducts road show Punjab

After organizing the road shows in Delhi region, CTL conducted road shows in Punjab. In the new run, the company conducted road shows in places like Amritsar and Jalandhar.

The product, showcased in the show included UPS, Key Board, Optical Mouse and Web camera. The main attraction of the show was CTL’s entire product range, which also included new pocket keyboard.

Speaking about this event, Amit Bhatia, Director, CTL Computer said, “The basic purpose of organizing such road show is to create brand awareness in about the new product. Punjab is one of the fast growing places where everybody is interested for new IT products. I think that there is good future for IT in this place and this is best place for the marketing. We are committed to take such event in different types of cities, which will give good response in future. After Delhi nearest area like Agra, Faridabad, Punjab and Gaziyabad are good area for sales.”

After Delhi, the next preferred shopping destination for the customers is Punjab. It is for this reason the company organized road show in Punjab to bag good response for their products.

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