Customers are moving more to ‘Desire Products’

IDLDPL (India Digital Life Style Distributors) is one of the largest distributors for lifestyle products in India. It represents some of the big brands like Sony, Pentax, Creative, YES, Lacie, Parrot, Logic3, Panasonic, ASUS, Canon and Colorvision. Based out of New Delhi, it has now presence all across India including metros like Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore and non-metro markets as well. Besides adding new products to its kitty regularly, IDLDPL has also tie-ups with all major retail chains including Reliance, Planet-M and Future Bazaar. K.S.Sachar, COO, IDLDPL, speaks to Santosh Singh about its various market strategies. 

  1. Why you choose only lifestyle products to distribute?

We thought of entering into market with Lifestyle products only after observing the market thoroughly and studying the future of it.  When we studied the market, we realized that there is a gap which we need to fill in as there are distributors for IT, Gadgets products and CE products but a dedicated and professional team is required to nurture Life Style market which we believe we have the capabilities as well as expertise also. The team, we have chosen are professionals, who understand the market thoroughly. Life Style products are currently gaining the mindset of the people as customers are moving from ‘Need based products’ to ‘Desire products’ for which they are ready to spend that extra penny. That is the reason for us for going for Life Style Products 

  1. What challenges do you think exist in the Indian Market?

The biggest challenge currently is high import duties that is implied on most of such products which in turn increases the pricing of the product and thus giving a boost to the grey market and Chinese players. As we are offering only branded and quality products in the market so we feel the heat from these local non-branded grey Chinese products which are offered at a very competitive price. We hope the import duties would come down so as to bridge the price difference existing today. Also other challenge is distribution because of different tax duties applicable in different states. Besides of this, there is always a challenge to get into consumer’s mind because in India, business rests only on two pillars - Branding and Pricing. We are thankful towards our Principals who support us for both.

  1. What is your opinion on the general IT market trend and how IT and Lifestyle is merging together?

IT market which is booming at exponential rate is shifting its focus to not only on Quality products but also good looking products, which customers feel pride in carrying and likes to flaunt. Indeed with the presence of brands like Microsoft, Logitech, HP and so on, the IT Peripheral industry is merging with Life style products in a very steep manner and also the entire trend gels out together. 

  1. Tell something about IDLDPL’s retail strategy, and as a distributor what you plan in the coming next year for this sector?

IDLDPL as the name itself suggests -India Digital Life Style Distributors, is into distribution of life style products and currently in retail there are four main categories:-

  a.. Local Retail Chains

  b.. National Retail Chains

  c.. Dedicated / Branded Retail Counters

  d.. MBO (Multi Brand Outlets)

Currently the market is moving to retail chains and there is a huge growth prospect in this segment with the presence of chains like Reliance, Tatas, Home Solutions, Subhiksha, RPG and so on, and local chains like Sony Mony, Vijay, Kohinoors and so on. These big chains are going to rule the market but currently we can not really miss these local retail counters as they have that close and personal relationship with the customer thus giving the customers that confidence of "Hum Hai Na" which chains will take some time to build. Specially in categories of products that we deal with, it is really important for the customer to have a trust with the retail point as it is an expensive and new product to use. Currently we have no plans to go into retailing as our vision also says- "To stay ahead of the competition by innovating new products and services based on the needs of our customers and market demand" and thus retailing is not our current focus. The same however change over a period of time based on Government policies. 

  1. With the huge competition in IT distribution segment, what is your plan to accelerate your distribution strategy?

Most of the IT distributors are currently into box selling but we at IDLDPL have:

  a.. Presence in all the major locations with offices in all the metros and other B class cities and billing facilities around 12 different locations

  b.. Necessary expertise and capability as we are dealing with multi-brands and different product lines to provide complete range of products bouquet to our channel partners

  c.. Product managers who are product specialists and understand the market and competition

  d.. Strong MIS team thus regular market analysis

  e.. Expertise and resources to plan and execute regular market activities

  1. What problem you face in you business, while catering to Niche product line?

Niche product line market is currently at a very nascent stage and thus it is difficult to break the dealer mindset but if the products are good and price is competitive then with consumer demand increasing we will be able to spread our reach and expand the network. No Problem is Big till the time the Focus is clear and one has the necessary team strength

  1. What would be your area of concentration for IDLDPL in next coming year?

IDLDPL will focus on dealer expansion and deeper penetration. Indeed our concentration would be to strengthen our presence in B and C Class cities.   

  1. Are you going to increase your distribution chain in India and are you coming with some new brands in market?

Definitely we are going to increase our distribution chain starting from East India to various other parts of the country. At the same time we are discussing with various other leading brands and will be bringing them in India after carefully understanding market and consumer demand.  

  1. What message you like to convey to your channel partners and customers through Marketflash?

First of all I would like to convey my special thanks to our channel partners and welcome them in IDLDPL family as in short period of six months they have shown us lot of love and I would like to guarantee them the trust and commit them fulfill of the expectations. IDLDPL believes in Quality of Services. Part of this, logistics and support are the company's forte.

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