Cyberstar launches Netgear's KWGR614

Cyberstar Infocom announced the launch of Netgear's Open Source Wireless-G router KWGR614 in India.   

Netgear Wireless-G router KWGR614 enables Linux developers and technical enthusiasts to tweak the source code to build in support for applications, either to add extra functionality previously unavailable or prioritize traffic to improve throughput to a given application. Available with two detachable antennas for additional flexibility and increased signal strength, Netgear Wireless-G router KWGR614 allows creation of specialized firmware for gaming, VOIP and other security applications. 

"Offering ease of setup, fantastic range, amazing features and flexibility to build of open source oriented, network driven customized secure applications, the Netgear KWGR614 packs quite a punch," says Raj Rathi, Founder and MD Cyberstar Infocom. He added, "This product is designed for the enthusiasts who only prefer customized applications for their specialized needs." 

Powerful on board features like WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), WPA-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access-Pre-Shared Key) and WPA2-PSK Security also ensure that the network is safe from unauthorized users. Delivering up to 2x the WAN-to-LAN throughput of other Wireless-G routers, Netgear KWGR614 Open-source Wireless Router admits only legitimate traffic by combing two proven standards: NAT (Network Address Transfer) and SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection). It also delivers the wireless network security with WPA (Wireless Protected Access). 

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