Cyberstar to promote Hitachi CinemaStar Drives

Cyberstar Infocom announced that it is going to promote Hitachi CinemaStar Drive in Secure/Anti-Terrorism Police and Civil Defence

IT Exhibition, which is going to be held from Nov 21 to Nov 23 at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. 

Hitachi’s CinemaStar Hard Drives- the CinemaStar 7K160 and 7K500 are known for their role in Digital Video Recorders and Set-Top Boxes. The CinemaStar 7K160 and 7K500 Hard Disk Drives are optimized for streaming consumer electronics applications like High Definition Digital Video Recorders. Advanced features include SMART Command Transport and Thermal Fly Height Control to adapt error connection and environmental system conditions to improve the streaming experience and overall video quality. 

The CinemaStar 7K160 has a capacity of 160 GB and 80 GB. It comes with PATA and SATA interfaces with a speed of 7, 200 RPM. It measures 3.5 inches and weighs 560g. It can operate in a temperature of 0 to 60 degree. 

“Hitachi CinemaStar Drives are known for their quiet acoustics and low power management and we are confident that the products would definitely stand out in the Secure Exhibition thereby attracting the attention of the buyers, technologists and planners,” said Raj Rathi, Founder and CEO, Cyberstar Infocom. 

The CinemaStar 7K500 has a capacity of 500 GB, 400 GB, 320 GB and 250 GB. It has a speed of 7,200 RPM and comes with PATA and SATA interface. 

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