D-Link announces Green Ethernet Technology switches

D-Link announces its four new models of gigabit switches which help to reduce the power consumption. The company has named these new switches as “Green Ethernet”. 

Green Ethernet range of switches targets SMB user. Most switches in the offices consume power even when a cable or desktop-to –switch is turned off. In this scenario Green Ethernet Technology claims to put port in a sleep mode. At the same times it reduces the power used by the port, in this way power is save. 

Speaking on the release Jayesh Kotak, VP, Marketing, D-Link, said, “D-Link understands the importance of saving power and so we innovated this product. Adding further in his context Kotak, said, “Prices will be 20% more than the normal products. It will be distributed in the market by the end of this December.” 

Green Ethernet will automatic detect the cable length and optimally adjust the usage to save energy. The switches are designed to be easy to use so that no extensive management or setup is required. This switch is made to meet the need of Home, mid-size networks, and branches offices LANs.

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