Delta introduces Vivitek

Delta Power Solutions announced the introduction of Vivitek range of premium quality visual display products in India.  

With its experience in DLP micro display technology it develops a wide range of digital projectors to meet the requirements of different market segments. Sold under the Vivitek brand name, these projectors offer brightness ranging from entry-level 1500 lumens up to 5000 lumens, and weight factors varying from the Pico Portable of 2 lbs up to the Large Venue (33lbs). New projector models for business, education, and crossover markets are introduced several times a year.  

Vivitek high resolution wall displays are designed for expanding requirements for large scale visualization systems that present extreme resolutions and provide a customizable multimedia system in a multiple monitor format. These are ideally suited for mission critical control and command rooms, data visualization and high entertainment environments. Its state of the art design delivers the highest contrast, best image quality, operational reliability, serviceability and cost-of-ownership. Based on DLPT technology to meet specific customer needs, company also provides Electronic Cinema projectors as well large venue projectors with ultra-high brightness of up to 8,000 lumens for use in auditoriums and exhibition halls.  

"With launch of Vivitek brand in India, Delta Power Solutions has achieved yet another feet in its ongoing expansion drive in India. Under the brand, Delta Power Solutions would offer High Resolution Visual Display Walls, Business Projectors and E cinema Projectors with best technological specifications available in the Industry in line with the company's commitment to highest level of customer satisfaction through product customization and after sales service." says Dalip Sharma, MD, Delta Power Solutions India.

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