Educomp announces Q1 results

Educomp Solutions, the eLearning enabler and IT Education Company announced their financial results for the first quarter for the fiscal year 2007-08.

While announcing the results, Shantanu Prakash, MD, Educomp Solutions, said, " Educomp has performed exceptionally well across all business segments this quarter. Our revenues have overall increased by 193.60% and PAT by 218.13% compared to Q1 for FY07. We have added 3142 schools under our ICT initiative, 65 new schools under Smart Class program. Educomp generally books 10% of its annual revenues in the first quarter, hence the results are very gratifying."

As per the company, it has posted an impressive increase of 193.60% in its income at Rs. 274 mn as against Rs. 93.7 mn in the corresponding quarter last year. The company's Profit After Tax (PAT) for Q1 is up by 218.13 % at Rs. 59.7 mn from Rs. 18.8 mn in the corresponding quarter previous year.

EIDTA for the quarter stood at Rs. 133.8 mn clocking an increase of 281.72 % as against Rs. 35.2 mn in the corresponding quarter last year. The basic EPS stood at Rs. 3.70 as against Rs. 1.18 in the corresponding quarter last year.

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