Ensim Releases Updated Service Managers

Ensim Corporation, the leading supplier of service enablement and automation software for hosted IP and application services, announced the release of updated service managers for Hosted Exchange and BlackBerry, bringing even greater efficiency and productivity benefits to service providers and their customers.

Ensim Unify is the industry's most widely deployed and proven service delivery platform. Co-developed with Microsoft, it enables service providers to centrally create, control, and deliver hosted IP and application services. The Ensim Unify Service Manager for Hosted Exchange 2003 is one of a number of ready-to-deploy software modules that integrate an application with the resources and capabilities of the Unify platform and enable the application to be rapidly deployed and operated as a service.

The new version of the Ensim Unify Service Managers for Hosted Exchange 2003 and BlackBerry offers automatic provisioning of Windows mobile devices, enabling end-users to configure their devices in a single mouse click, Over the Air (OTA) business, the configuration file is sent to the device through a text message (SMS), and the configuration file is transferred to the device when it is connected to a desktop computer through an USB port, among a host of other facilities.

The Ensim Unify Hosted Exchange 2003 Service Manager can be installed on a current HMC deployment. Existing mailboxes managed by HMC can continue to function as before, whereas new mailboxes can be created through Ensim Unify so users can benefit from the numerous platform features.

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