Ericsson To Host Multimedia Services For BSNL

Ericsson has been awarded two hosting agreements with  Indian  operator  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL), one of the  largest  public  sector companies in India. The agreements are for downloads and ringback tones. 

These  contracts  focus  on  entertainment  and personalisation services.  Under  one  contract,  Ericsson  is  responsible for providing  a  content  service  that  allows BSNL to tailor the ultimate  customer  experience.  A  next-generation portal that includes  a  variety of mobile content and applications will be used, giving subscribers the chance to order any type of mobile content  - ringtones, games, pictures, video clips and software applications - via web, WAP or SMS. 

The  second  agreement is for hosted ringback tones, one of the most   popular   and  highest  revenue-generating  mobile  data services  available  today.  Ringback  tones are tunes or other sound bites that replace the standard tone callers hear as they wait  for  their  calls to be answered. The service is based on Ericsson's personalised greeting service. 

Ericsson  is  responsible for end-to-end systems integration as well as hosting and day-to-day management of both services. Hans  Vestberg,  executive  vice  president  and head of global services,  Ericsson,  says: "BSNL is a key customer to Ericsson and  we are proud to be chosen for these two hosting contracts. Since  hosting was launched in 2004 Ericsson has announced more than  70  contracts.  We  feel positive that BSNL's subscribers  will  enjoy  these  multimedia  services we are supporting them with."

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