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With most of the IT vendors concentric in Delhi and Mumbai metros, Supertron Electronics, is one of the vendor and National Distributor, which is comfortable battling against its competitors from Kolkata. The company continues to soar high with new ventures. V. K. Bhandari, Director, Supertron Electronics, speaks to Chetan Sharma about escalating the heights of success in a short span of time.


Supertron is recognized as one of the most prominent IT giants from the east. Your secrets behind the huge success?


Every success depends upon hard work and dedication. We are here because of the thriving attitude to achieve our goal, working tirelessly towards winning solutions.


Tell us something about the market position of Supertron products these days?


Well our product, Supercom is moving quite smoothly and steadily. As a matter of fact within a short span of time it has succeeded in establishing its footage in the market. Adding to it, Supertron has worked as the bottom line for the company with Seagate as Top line.


Now you are the National Distributor for Seagate. How do you look towards this new venture?


Well, before we were working as the sub distributors of Seagate. We will have to play a much bigger role as the National Distributors now.


Any plans to strengthen its position in the market?


Seagate is one of the most renowned brands, so the scopes are really high. Apart from its distribution among the channels we would be focusing more on B and C class areas.


Which verticals would you be focusing more upon in these coming years?


We will stick on to the distribution of products, especially Supercom and Vintron PCs. However, we would also be focusing upon direct marketing to the Government section.


What kind of growth are you looking forward to?


Well we are expecting a turnover of Rs.500 to 550 crore within two to three years.


What are your upcoming plans in the coming years?


We are always looking out to strengthen our channel structure. We want to keep the pace intact. Apart from this, we will be looking to add some more products to the Supercom’s portfolio.


What message do you want to convey through Market Flash?


Keep a watch on us we’ll be coming up with new technology and the best of products, along with good support for the channels and the customers.

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