eScan gets another VB100%

eScan from MicroWorld Technologies has won the VB100% award in a comparative test conducted on Windows 2000. As per the press release, the recognition proves that the AntiVirus, AntiSpam and Content Security software has maintained its consistent level of performance against Viruses and other harmful programs, even as some leading products in the market failed to make the grade.

The VB100% award is given by Virus Bulletin magazine. As a renowned Quality Assessment process that checks the ability of security products to fully protect computer users against a variety of threats, Virus Bulletin uses a wide range of malware samples in its test bed. The sample pool consists of ‘In The Wild’ Viruses, File Infectors, Polymorphic Viruses, Worms, Bots and Macros so that the participating products are checked for comprehensive protection.

“We regard VB100% as one of the highest benchmarks in the security industry and it makes us happy to win the award this time too,” said Govind Rammurthy, CEO, MicroWorld Technologies. He added, “Our consistent endeavor is to create smart security solutions that can Analyze, Think and Act to provide proactive protection for information systems. Let me assure you that we would not be just sitting on the laurels, but would continue our efforts to bring more intelligence to security.”

As Rammurthy pointed out, MicroWorld has introduced several unique technologies to the security market over the years. Be it MWL technology in Virus scanning, Intention Analysis of incoming files, Non Intrusive Learning Patterns in Spam Control and Registry Repairing Process, MicroWorld has always been innovating to create better security for its customers.

“You cannot simply hold on to legacy technologies and hope they will do enough to keep malicious stuff at bay all time. The nature of malware is changing at a rapid pace which renders many traditional mechanisms toothless in fighting them. That’s why we believe in adaptive and intelligent technologies that detect harmful code, even if it is disguised or previously unknown,” he added.

eScan comes with customized versions for different target groups. eScan Internet Security Suite is for home computers, which provides security against Malware, Spam and Offensive Content. eScan WSS is for SMB segment, which offers them a One Point Security that doesn’t require an expert to manage it. For large business houses, MicroWorld offers eScan Corporate, to give centralized options for implementing enterprise-wide security policies.

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