Fortinet receives ICSA Labs Certification

Fortinet, provider of unified threat management (UTM) solutions announced that 13 models from its FortiGateT family of multi-threat security systems have received certification for Network Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) from ICSA Labs, an independent division of Cybertrust.

With this, Fortinet becomes the first vendor whose UTM models have achieved Network IPS certification from ICSA Labs.

The FortiGate systems attained ICSA Labs' Network IPS Certification after stringent security, management and performance testing. A result of more than a year of research, industry cooperation and end-user feedback, ICSA Labs' testing methodology included attacks targeting hundreds of medium-to-high severity vulnerabilities, numerous complex evasion techniques, denial-of-service attacks and latency measurements.

"ICSA Labs' Network IPS testing was designed to be extremely demanding, as preventing network-based intrusions is critical for organizations," said Jack Walsh, Network Intrusion Prevention Program Manager, ICSA Labs. He added, "Due to the extensive and comprehensive nature of our testing, end users that select an ICSA Labs certified network IPS solution will have increased confidence that their networks are being protected from costly attacks."

FortiGate multi-threat security solutions can be installed at the network edge or at the network core to protect critical business applications from external, as well as internal, originating attacks. While FortiGate solutions can be configured to provide Network IPS-only protection as they were during ICSA Labs Network IPS testing, the FortiGate models go beyond intrusion prevention to integrate eight essential security functions which enable protection against blended attacks.

The existing customers can combine integrated firewall, content filtering, IPSec and SSL-VPN, antivirus/antispyware, antispam and traffic shaping applications and services to protect against attacks from all threat vectors.


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