Fujitsu offers “KATANA”

Fujitsu, a leading provider of customer-focused information technology and communication solutions for the global marketplace, offers KATANA – a promotion offer on its servers for the customers.

The offer applies to Fujitsu primergy econel 100S2, RX 200 S4 and RX 300 S4 servers range and is valid till 31st August 2008.  As per the promotion, Fujitsu primergy econel 100S2, RX 200 S4 and RX 300 S4 servers range will be offered at a competitive rate to the customers, starting from Rs.42, 000 onwards.

FUJITSU PRIMERGY Econel 100 S2 ensures data security through ECC memory protection and integrated RAID 0, 1 disk mirroring. Its sophisticated hardware design with optimized fans and air flow ensures a silent system for an efficient working environment.

One of important features of the product is that it is easy to install and manage. The components can be replaced without technical expertise. Econel 100 S2 Server certified components guarantees 24 x 7 @ 365 operations, depending on the HDD model. The Intel 3200 chipset and Quad-Core processor technology supports any business with an excellent price-performance ratio.

It reduces TCO with a comprehensive set of system management features easy and remote administration with ServerView and easy setup via ServerStart.

FUJITSU PRIMERGY RX 200 S4 is a 1U rack based Quad Core Intel Xeon 5400 sequence product with 48 GB memory – 2x1 Gbit/s ethernet LAN. Similarly, FUJITSU PRIMERGY RX 300 S4 is a 2U rack based Quad Core Intel Xeon 5400 sequence with 2 x 6 MB SLC Dual Core performance and balanced architecture having 12 HDDs.

Tosh Kataoka, General Manager-IT Business, Fujitsu India, said, “As the name of the scheme KATANA suggests, FUJITSU range of server products offers zero tolerance for error like Samurai’s Katana. With the Primergy servers superior precision in quality and design the enterprises ensure business gains.”

“This is a great offer for the customers on the products like Fujitsu primergy econel 100S2, RX 200 S4 and RX 300 S4 servers range. The product provides a greater value for money to the customer with its low pricing (which is almost the price of a PC). Therefore, it is a great opportunity for the small enterprises to have Fujitsu servers,” he added further.

The scheme is available through Fujitsu System Integration Partners.

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