Gartner Helps CIOs Focus On Key Priorities

As they struggle with increasing demands on time and resources, John Mahoney, vice president and analyst at Gartner feels that CIOs need more space to change. And for this, they will have to stop focussing on what no longer provides value,' and focus on key priorities to maximise value to business.

Gartner has identified six time-wasting practices' of chief information officers (CIOs).

*Stop being the budget-priority police: Ensure that your IT organisation minimises boundary disputes when business units use technology, particularly if business units have control over discretionary spending.

*Stop using enterprise architecture as a command and control tool: Rigid standards and policies might make it easier to reduce risk in system changes, but this approach reinforces the traditional view that the IT organisations does not understand how the enterprise needs to respond quickly to business or market changes.

*Stop communicating through IT metrics and focus on business performance: The focus should be on a manageable number of IT value indicators that are meaningful to business leaders. They should be linked to familiar business measures, such as business goals, business strategies or business processes, and should show the current status and progress to date.

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