Genius awarded for CES 2008 Innovations

Genius has been awarded CES 2008 Innovations Design and Engineering award for its BT-03I touch Bluetooth headset. This award was given to the Genius BT-03I because of the headset’s unique touch design and easy-to-use features that set this headset apart from others currently on the market.

The product was nominated in the “Headphones” category. The Genius BT-03I is designed to compliment Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and PDAs.

This headset supports A2DP hands free, headset profile that supports listening to music or talking on a call, while enjoying sound. Other notable features include if users are listening to music and there is an incoming call, the Bluetooth headset BT-03I receives it and mutes the music automatically, so users can take the call with no interruptions.

To make voice clearer, the Genius BT-03I uses the CSR CvC (Clear Voice capture) function. Except for the Bluetooth function, the control interface is through the touch panel on the right side. The Genius BT-03I is the first headset in the world to come with a capacitance touch panel with touch slide for control. Users can adjust the volume by simply sliding the bar using the touch sensor to answer a phone call. When talking, the phone icon will be illuminated so others understand your current status. The transparent look and curve shape is a new concept for a rear band headset and the silicon ear hook can fit any ear angle and shape.

Genius BT-03I Specifications 
• Bluetooth version: BT-2.0 + EDR  
• Translate rate: 3M bps  
• Distance: 30 feet  
• Max power consumption: <30mA  
• Battery: 320mA rechargeable Hi-polymer battery  
• Usage: up to 15Hrs  
• CvC (Clear Voice Capture) function embedded  
• Supports A2DP, hands free, headset profile  
• Capacitance Touch panel with touch slide for control  
• New ergonomic design for the silicon ear hook  
• Genius’s BT-03I touch Bluetooth headset is available in March, 2008.  
The new IC features use low power consumption. The Genius BT-03I has a 320mA rechargeable Li-on polymer battery for up to 15 hours of usage. With an effective range of up to 30 feet, the BT-03I is the complement to mobile phones equipped with Bluetooth technology. The Genius BT-03I is the newest addition to the company’s popular headset line. The Genius BT-03I is priced at $79 MSRP. The headset will be featured at the Genius-KYE booth at CES 2008.

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