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With Gujarat Government announcing plans to computerize the malls, which is scheduled to be set up in the rural areas, the channel partners of the region can hunt upon chances to expand their business in the Government sector.


Speaking to some local channel partners on this issue, we received the following inputs


Manish Acharya, Partner, Aegis


 “Of course we expect a 40 % to 60 % growth in rural sector from this announcement. There are number of enquiries coming from the rural areas. I think mostly the malls will require high configuration PCs. The demand is going to increase if malls come up in Gujurat’s rural areas.”


Gaurang Vyas, Proprietor, Compu Garage


“Rural development is possible only through proper infrastructure. If there is no proper electricity then how can PCs be sold? In such rural areas, there is a power cut of 10-12 hours in a week. If the people are not educated and if there is no awareness then how will customers purchase IT products?”


Kaushik Pandya, Director, Kalp Systems


“Upcountry region is really growing in regards to IT. People are becoming more and more aware and PC is in demand but until people are educated and are more computer literate nothing will happen. Even in the government sector out of 100 only 50 PC are being utilized so I think government needs to rethink about this. But this will surely take its own time.”


Nadir Shah Damanwala, Proprietor, Dynamic Infotech.


“We are not aware of any kind of mall set up in our area but even if it is there then the

Government must have appointed some MNC for such kind of service.”


Even if the Government has laid hints of opportunities in the rural areas, the channel partners of the regions seem to have mixed bag of response on this.

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