IBM launches world’s fastest microprocessor in India

IBM claims to launch world’s fastest microprocessor, the dual core POWER6 in India.

Complementing this launch, the company's System p570, which is the world's most powerful mid-range consolidation machine, and its bladeCenter JS22 servers that are powered by the new chip will also be available in Indian market, as per Shashi B Mal, India and South Asia Director, Systems and Technology Group, IBM.

The POWER6 features industry virtualization capabilities, and is also the latest addition to the vendor’s Project Big Green initiative allowing.

According to IBM, POWER6, at 4.7 GHz, is twice as fast as POWER5, but uses nearly the same amount of electricity as POWER5 to run and cool. This means customers can use the new processor either to increase their performance by 100%, or lower their power consumption by 50%

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