IBM Releases New Best Practices Tool

IBM has announced the availability of a new version of the IBM Tivoli Unified Process (ITUP), a free, Web-based tool that provides clients with an information guide of best practices based on IT Service Management and governance initiatives.

This new release of the ITUP tool provides enhanced and expanded practical guidance on how to implement process integration, activity flows, clarified operational roles, and management tool strategies required for effective service management. ITUP supports ITIL, COBIT, ISO IEC 20000, eTOM and includes detailed documentation of IBM's Process Reference Model for the Business of IT.

ITUP provides users with a web-based tool that includes a content-rich database - the ITUP Method Library. At the heart of ITUP is IBM's Process Reference Model for IT (PRM-IT). PRM-IT is based on ITIL principles and outwardly resembles the classic ITIL process model. A simple point-and-click interface allows users to gain a basic understanding of each process and then drill down to understand the relationships between processes, and the roles and tools involved in efficiently managing them.

"With complex compliance regulations looming, many organizations are seeking to implement a more consistent IT governance and risk management process," said Susan Blocher, director, IBM. "IBM is the only company that combines deep experience-based consulting with industry-leading technology and tools like ITUP to help clients successfully prioritise, plan and implement strategic IT processes with greater consistency, control and visibility."

"Based on experiences with thousands of IBM software and Global Technology Services customer engagements, IBM's new free IT service management assessment tool incorporates multiple best practice frameworks in a single integrated model," said Jeanine Cotter, vice president, IT Strategy and Architecture Services. "ITUP provides the right starting point for any organisation embarking on a service management improvement effort. A reliable and complete process reference model routinely saves time, improves quality and enables new levels of innovation."

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