IDLDPL launches Parrot Party speakers

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Delhi based IDLDPL launched its latest ‘Parrot Party’ portable Bluetooth speaker system. The three Watt speakers feature A2DP that stream in music from any Bluetooth compatible source and also can hook into the standard RCA input.

The system is 9" long and weighs 624 g. The speaker can play non- stop music up to four hours. It has a Class-D amplifier and two wide-band speakers.

There are two audio effects created by Parrot: the first effect - Stereo Widening that broadens the music to fill a room; and the second effect - Virtual Super Bass - reinforces the bass frequencies and gives them punch. The system is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery.

Parrot Party is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled streaming device include mobile phone, PC, MP3 and CD player. The users need to install special software to send their play lists to the Parrot Party Bluetooth speaker wirelessly from any Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) source.

Besides this, the Parrot Party also has a line-in input, which enables the system to play music from any analogue music device such as a CD player, standard MP3 player, or MD recorder. The device automatically detects the music source whether it is in Bluetooth or line-in.

Speaking on this new class of products, Surinder Saini, Brand manager, Parrot at IDLDPL said, "Our objective is to enable the Indian young generation with best-of-the-breed technology so that they enjoy their life to the maximum extent As such Indian market for lifestyle products is growing rapidly and the users are experimenting with every innovative product. With Parrot Party, I assure the users a non-stop entertainment and unlimited fun. I expect there will be a great demand for this product very soon.”

Parrot Party is available exclusively at IDLDPL.

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