IDLDPL with Elecom launches designer Earphones in Indian

IDLDPL, (India Digital Life Style Distributors) along with Elecom, the Japan manufacturer for designer earphones, promise to serve the Indian music lovers Fashion and enthralling music in a single platter as they have decided to launch a wide array of Designer Earphones in the Indian Market targeted basically at the young music lovers.

Apart from their unique design i.e. rose-bud shape, chocolate-candy shape, diamond shape and even heart shape, the Elecom Ear Drops come in various hues i.e. white, pink, red, green, purple and black.  The earphones have a special sound insulating rubber to prevent outside noise from being leaked in. If that is not enough, some of the year phones with bedecked with pearl and rhinestones making you different from the pals. Even, Elecom has released Aqua Series earphones.Even there are models, which come with foldable options, adjustable earpieces and ultra-small size for giving perfect fit to the ears. 

Specially designed models are perfect companies for the ladies, who, more than often, like to see their belongings go gel with other belongings i.e. music players, bags, hair-bands, apparels and their mood even everything PINK. They also want to make their products distinct and personal, which Elecom serves to the perfection.

Deepakraj Singh, AV Manager, IDLDPL, said, “Elecom brand really enriches our portfolio of offerings. Elecom products being so different in design, they definitely appeal a wider user-base and provide a great opportunity for us to connect to maximum number of consumers. We have priced it very aggressively. Our objective is that every young user should own a pair of Elecom products, which they always cherish about. These earphones are the best partner for style conscious users mainly BPO, tech oriented youth & for all music lovers"   

"Apart from the elegance of these earphones, ELECOM have always refused to compromise on quality for a low price.  ELECOM motto has been to be Style apart from other vendors. These custom fit earphones prevent the falling-out problems that many other earphones have and because they are designed to withstand the rigors of on-stage music performances or even against a professional workout on the field”, he added further. 

Technically, all Elecom earphones are compatible with all kinds of music players including iPod, MP3, CD players, portable radio, PC, audio or portable DVD player.



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