Imation adds SimpleSave Back-Up Solution to TDK brand

Imation, exclusive licensee of the "TDK Life on Record" recording media brand, added new SimpleSave back-up solution DVDs to its TDK portfolio. SimpleSave DVDs are the first optical discs to provide an all-in-one back-up solution for photos, music and data.

"With today's digital lifestyles, many consumers now create and acquire digital files faster than they can back them up," said Jean-Paul Eekhout, global brand director for TDK Life on Record brand, Imation. He added, "SimpleSave DVDs offer end users unprecedented convenience for protecting valuable music libraries, irreplaceable photos and personal documents."

SimpleSave discs are available in three variations that help consumers organize their digital libraries by file type. TDK SimpleSave:Photo discs find and save .JPG, .RAW, .PSD, .BMP and other image files, while TDK SimpleSave:Music discs find and save audio files including .MP3, .AAC, .WAV, .AIF and more.

TDK SimpleSave DVDs are recordable discs with the added benefit of a built-in software that finds, organizes and backs up digital files onto the very same disc. After the SimpleSave disc is loaded into the DVD burner on any PC, the back-up software automatically launches -- with no installation required -- then finds the designated file types on the PC and records them. The software automatically lets users know when the disc is full and prompts them to insert another disc. No additional software or recording media are required, and the auto-launching software requires no configuration. If desired, advanced options allow users to designate which file types should be located and saved, so specific file extensions can be included or excluded.

The SimpleSave back-up solution DVDs will be available worldwide in the spring of 2008. Suggested pricing at U.S. retail will be $12.99 for a pack of five TDK SimpleSave:Photo DVDs; $9.99 for a pack of three SimpleSave:Music DVDs; and $7.99 for a pack of three SimpleSave:Docs DVDs.

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