Intelligroup Achieves Numero Uno Slot

Intelligroup, a global provider of business  consulting,  technology, and outsourcing services announced that its SAP Practice is the top knowledge contributor on the SAP Developer Network  (SDN).   The  SAP Developer Network is an online community for SAP developers,  consultants,  and system integrators and the leading forum for open   contributions,  collaboration,  and  co-innovation  within  the  SAP community.  

SAP  ranks  both  companies  and  individuals  in terms of the contributions  they  make  with  regard  to  sharing  of  knowledge on SDN. Intelligroup  has  achieved  this top ranking by virtue of its SAP Practice professionals  contributing  white  papers,  blogs, ideas, and solutions to questions around SAP NetWeaver, functional, and other related areas.

Intelligroup's active participation on SDN is a clear indicator of the deep technology  expertise of our associates and their willingness to share this knowledge  and  learn  from others.  As a member of this vibrant community, Intelligroup  is able to stay abreast of emerging technologies and leverage this  rich  resource  for  proof  of  concepts,  quick problem solving, and development of solutions for its customers.

"As the number one contributor on the SDN, Intelligroup distinguishes itself as the leading  member  of  this  community.  Our  associates have deep technology expertise  and  are  thought-leaders  in  their  field,"  said  Bhalchandra Bhosale,  vice  president of SAP Practice at Intelligroup.  "The entire SAP ecosystem  benefits  when  we  learn  from  each  other  in  this  type  of collaborative  environment,  and we are proud of achieving this significant milestone."

According  to  SAP Community Network Vice President Mark Yolton, "The goals of SDN are to enable our customers to successfully adopt and optimise their use  of SAP products and technologies for business benefit, to empower them and our partners with collaboration tools and infrastructure to share their experiences  and expertise with each other for co-innovation, and to create tangible  and  lasting  value  for  all  members  of  our  broad and global ecosystem  -- including customers, partners, suppliers, and SAP itself. 

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