Kingston Announces Scratch & Redeem Offer

The 20th anniversary celebration has ensured that Kingston Technology, an independent memory module manufacturer, has announced a unique `Scratch and Redeem Scheme', which guarantees cash back on every purchase of Kingston USB drives of capacity 1GB or more.

This scheme is effective across India and open between June 1-30, 2007. 

Under this scheme, meant exclusively for resellers, purchase of every Kingston USB drive of capacity 1GB or more from an authorised Kingston distributor entitles the reseller to a scratch card. The reseller can scratch the card and redeem the cash, ranging from Rs 5-100, on the spot from the distributor.

“This scheme marks the beginning of our new phase of aggressive marketing programs in India, “ says Rajesh Panicker, country manager, Kingston Technology., “We have been recording excellent numbers for our USB drives in recent quarters, thanks in part to the excellent support from our reseller partners. We believe that this new scheme will further incentivise resellers to promote high quality Kingston USB products across newer customer segments and geographies,” he added.

Kingston Technology’s DataTraveler High Speed 2.0 USB Flash drives put portable flash memory in anyone’s hands. Reliable and easy to use, Kingston DataTraveler USB family deliver different values and functions to consumers, being the right choice of corporate users and end-users alike.

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