Max Secure Launches Spyware Detector

Max Secure Software, provider of computer privacy and security software for the consumer and enterprise markets, has announced its Max Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition for the enterprise and SMB market space. Enterprise Edition also comes equipped with Smart Scan, a proprietary scanning solution that reduces scan time.

Since spyware has become the most common internet security threat plaguing businesses, Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition was developed to ensure employee productivity as well as the integrity and confidentiality of data residing on desktops.

"Nowadays enterprises view spyware as the latest growing security concern to their business and they are struggling to protect themselves from this threat", said Sanjay Pradhan, CEO, Max Secure Software. Further adding, "Our competitive advantage includes Smart Scan technology, and our ability to neutralise new threats through automatic live updates, which ensures the security of our customer's enterprise".

Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition is based on the client-server architecture to detect and delete spyware across a network while putting control in the hands of IT administrators and not end users. Spyware Detector Enterprise Edition supports domain based and IP based networks.

It scans network client desktops with a comprehensive database of more than 252,000 spyware threats and utilises minimum CPU processing power to perform its duties. Enterprise Edition also utilises negligible network bandwidth since scanning is done locally on client machines.

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