MGE enters India with Lipi Data

MGE Office Protection Systems, the single-phase UPS vendor has entered into a strategic alliance with Lipi Data Systems to provide power protection solutions across India, Nepal and Bhutan.

MGE is headquartered in France and has direct presence in over 100 countries across five continents with a global distribution network.
MGE's product offer includes UPS, inverters, rectifiers, power management software, conditioners and surge suppressors to provide end-to-end power protection solutions.

As per the press release, MGE’s approach to ensure business continuity is to optimize the three key parameters-

  • AFT: Availability- Providing the needed power with high availability

  • Flexibility- Facilitating expansion and evolution of the protection solution

  • TCO or Total cost of ownership- Ensuring a cost effective solution based on the lifecycle of the product.

    MGE has UPS systems in the range of 0-20KVA.

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