Micro Technologies launches Micro Buddy Tracking System

Micro Technologies unveiled their latest invention, the Micro Buddy Tracking System (BTS). Micro BTS offers a unique service that enables cell phone subscribers to share their real-time location status and messages, with their friends from a mobile phone.

Micro BTS (Buddy Tracking System), a location based product, is geared towards delivering highly personalized services to the present generation of mobile telephony users who are constantly on the move. Using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, the application automatically updates the location of a user's "buddies" and displays the information directly on a map on the phone. Alerts can also be sent to notify subscribers when a friend is near.

This product offers a mix of social networking with the help of long messaging system and location-based services. So the ability to automate becomes a really valuable service. Micro BTS enables the user to stay in touch when they travel to another region or country. It is like a community-based approach where every user is connected. Using this system, one can share one’s position with his/her friends and family, creates and joins groups, records and reviews his/her track history.

From the corporate point of view Micro BTS can be used as an aid to increase the efficiency of the organizations with proper utilization and management of its sales, marketing and service staff, because success of an organization depends on the competencies of the sales staff and proficiently managed team definitely adds on value in terms of both efficiency and revenue to the organization. Micro BTS can also be used in a very proficient way with law enforcement agencies, in tracking the movement of any suspicious persons and utilizing the law enforcement officers to their best of ability minimizing the time involved in communication.

Dr. Sekhar, Chairman  & Managing Director, Micro Technologies, said, "For nearly a decade, technology visionaries have talked of a day when cell phones could be utilized as a map for directions to locate loved ones. We at Micro Technologies took this thought further and are proud to introduce the Micro Buddy Tracking System, which integrates three significant innovations of technology – Internet, GPS and wireless data. We know that this product has a wide utility and look forward to its success." 

Micro BTS is one of the first products to be available in the market combining connectivity, sharing and protection. Through detailed digitized maps, unlimited long messages and enhanced security functions, Micro BTS is a step ahead.

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