Micronet launches SP6148WS 48-Port Gigabit Web Smart Switch

Micronet, networking products provider, announced its new innovative gigabit switch for carriers and enterprises.

The new product, Micronet SP6148WS 48-Port Gigabit Web Smart Switch is designed to deliver non-blocking and wire-speed Gigabit performance for service providers and enterprises that demand high-port density applications. Moreover, it brings advanced features, such as tag-based VLAN, port trunk, L2/L3/L4 traffic prioritization, bandwidth control, and ACL, to optimize the network.

SP6148WS is also designed with the Head of Line (HOL) blocking prevention. The product also has the wire-speed performance of 16K bytes with traffic optimization using various class of service option and four hardware priority queues. Individual users or applications can be prioritized above others using various class of service options. It also has the broadcast and multicast storm control with flexible load distribution and failover function.

Apart from this, the new product also has the SNMP trap, E-Mail and SMS for any connectivity event. The other specifications are the buffer memory of 768 KB on-chip with a switch fabric 48 Gbps. The management used is Web-based, Console and Telnet. The operating temperature of the device is ranging between 0 – 40 degrees centigrade and the operating humidity is 5% - 90%. The dimension and weight of the device is 442 x 248.6 x 44 mm. It needs the power supply of 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz.

Deepak Sharma, Business Development Manager, India, Micronet Communications, says, “Micronet SP6148WS 48-Port Gigabit Web Smart Switch is a feature pack solution at an affordable price. We have packed a lot of functionality and manageability into this product so that the administrators keep every thing under control."

Micronet’s new SP6148WS is available in the market through its distributors Ace Microelectonics and Intratech.

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