Moser Baer forays into PC peripherals manufacturing

The optical storage manufacturer, Moser Baer announced the launch of its ‘Optical Disk Drive’ (ODD), which is a Combo drive and DVD writer. This launch marks the company's foray into the PC peripherals industry. 

As per the company release, Moser Baer is now leveraging upon its existing synergies, established brand equity and large distribution network in the domestic market to enter the PC Peripherals market. It now plans to extend into the fast growing PC Peripherals market in India. 

As a part of this initiative, the company plans to enter this market by launching products in five metros and create a niche for itself. 

Speaking on the launch, Bhaskar Sharma, Executive VP, Moser Baer India, said "The launch complements our existing optical media business and we are hoping that by leveraging our established strong brand equity we will emerge as a front runner with a significant market share in this segment too." 

Moser Baer with its entry into the ODD Market in the form of Combo Drives and DVD Writers plans to capture 20% market share of present market size of five lakh units per month.

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