MPS launches BookStore Discovery for publishers

MPS Technologies unveiled BookStore Discovery, a tool to enable publishers to make their book content discoverable and accessible to the widest possible audience. It also allows publishers to retain control of the content and continue to use the payment process on their website which claims to help enhance the user experience and build reader interest online, resulting in increased sales.

"With eBooks, publishers are faced with unique challenges. They need to keep pace with the technological changes, evolving book formats, maximize current investments and drive a deeper relationship with their online customers. BookStore Discovery addresses each of these concerns - at an economical price point", said Ravi Singh, CEO, MPS Technologies.

BookStore Discovery consists of four modules:

* Browse Inside - Allows readers to browse limited content from the book to review contents, thereby making an informed purchase decision. This functionality is made available via the publishers' site, making navigation to shopping cart and other functionalities.

* Search Inside - Allows users to search for specific terms within the full text of the book, without having to browse.

* External Search Engine Indexing - Allows publishers' content to be discovered from users' desktops and favorite search engines.

* Widget - Allows publishers and users the advantages of sharing the eBook with others via blogs, community and social networking sites.

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