Mro-Tek bas a deal worth Rs. 3 crores

Mro-Tek, provider of product-based solutions to access every network, announced that a leading Indian telecom service provider company will use its home grown technology as the core platform for enabling the delivery of data services to their customers across India. The total deal is worth Rs. 3 crores.

"We are very pleased that the leading Telecom service provider of the country has selected Daisy, range of products. We see this as a beginning of long relationship leading to mutual business benefits," said S. Narayanan, Chairman and MD, Mro-Tek. He added, "It is a significant milestone for our R&D products. We know it has a huge potential and will see the deployment of the product, growing in future. This deal endorses the product capability, quality and our vision in building the product that would enable our customer to provide new generation networks to deliver high bandwidth services to their end users in India and worldwide."

The service provider would use Mro-Tek's ‘Daisy’, an Ethernet Access Device, designed with its EPS technology (Ethernet Powered Switch) to provide the Ethernet connectivity to its customers for Data services to address their last mile connectivity issues. Daisy, powered centrally from a power source over industry standard Ethernet Cat5/5e thus eliminates the need of power supply source, at each drop.

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