Mro-Tek designs ‘Triple Play’

Mro-Tek announced a Last Mile Infrastructure Architecture for delivering 'Triple Play' service in India. 'Triple Play', allows a typical household consumer to access high speed quality digital data, video and voice from a single service provider under one subscription.

The Managed Access Infrastructure Architecture designed by Mro-Tek is ready for implementation with the products developed in house. The new products Daisy 105M, iRIS-16 and Mogra-208 combined with the Liteview NMS will become part of the Solution. The entire Architecture operates using future proof combination of Active Ethernet and Passive Optical technology providing 100Mbps Speed in the last mile to deliver VoIP, High Speed Internet and DVD quality Video to every user.  

S. Narayanan, Chairman and Managing Director, Mro-Tek said, "Last mile broadband connectivity is one of the decisive factors for a 'triple play' to be successful in India. With this Architecture, Mro-Tek is poised to be a part of Broadband revolution that India is all set to witness. We will see information, communication and entertainment flowing seamlessly in and out of households in the near future through our devices."  

This completely managed solution aims at very fast deployment in the access by providing automatic provisioning and fault management of the devices from the central Liteview NMS.

"Triple play service delivery is an emerging application for consumers, enabling them to enter a new era of user-centric multimedia communication and broadband experience. A user can pay online, download and watch the latest DVD quality Bollywood Movie from his home. This also opens out new revenue streams for Media companies," said Narayanan. 

Ramakrishnan, V.P. Marketing, Mro-Tek, said "For service providers it is an opportunity to enter into new markets by offering increased service differentiation to remain an attractive partner for providing solutions to an established customer base. The true revenue potential of 'triple play' service can only be unlocked by applying a converged delivery infrastructure for all services, enabling a seamless integration and bundling of services and applications." 

As per the press release, since a broadband connectivity is vital for the 'triple play' to come in, the industry is still looking towards the broadband subscribers to become a critical mass.  

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