MSI launches NX8800GTS

MSI unveiled its latest NX8800GTS series graphics card, based on Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS Series GPU.  

Comparing with previous generation GeForce 8800 Series, the latest GeForce 8800GTS Series come with advance wafering technology which can effective reduce the heat and then give much higher range for over-clocking as executing 3D applications. Also because of the more advanced wafering technology, the high-speed Stream Processors inside the GeForce 8800GTS Series can be increased to a number of 128 units. Its operating clock also rose from 1500MHz (GeForce 8800GT) to 1625MHz(GeForce 8800GTS). The brand-new wafering technology is without doubt makes MSI NX8800GTS Series even more powerful. 

NX8800GTS Series graphics card supports PCI Express 2.0 interface, meet the needs of higher data throughput of future graphics computing. PCI Express 2.0 has double data rate and lane of the bus comparing to previous generation. The MSI NX8800GTS Series has bandwidth twice of PCI Express Gen 1 and backwards compatible with existing PCI Express mainboards for the broadest support. 
"We can expect that year 2008 there will be more native DirectX® 10 games coming up," comments Vincent Lai, Director of Global Marketing Group, MSI. He added, "There will be bunch of special effects that make use of the power of DirectX 10, such as DOF, Motion Blur, and Soft Particles. Gamers must have MSI NX8800GTS Series to make the gaming experience smooth enough like it should be!" 

The card comes with specialties of low temperature, easy over-clocking, and high bandwidth twice of PCI Express Gen. 1.  

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