MSI to present World's First Powerless Air Cooler on a Mainboard

Micro-Star International (MSI) has brought a new concept on mainboard products. As per the press release, MSI already has very efficient power design with more research going on at PWM design enhancement, trying to offer the total ECO solution.  

This innovation follows the company’s recent concept with the solar power notebook. 

MSI is introducing the "Air Power Cooler" based on Stirling Engine theory with great support from Polo-Tech Taiwan, the exclusive heat transfer technical design company with their own patent rights. 

The "Air Power Cooler" transfers the chipset heat into air momentum, when the air becomes hot, the air will expand then push the fan to rotate and in doing so cooling the heatsink immediately. After the air moves from the bottom to top of the piston, the air will become heavy to push the up piston down. The better air piston design can transfer over 70% heat power and transfer to air power, that's great efficiency transfer from Stirling engine theory. In a comparison with solar power the transfer rate is only around 20~30% requiring more surface and as a result cost.

MSI will present a live demo of our "Air Power Cooler" concept product in its ECO area block on the MSI booth in CeBIT Hall 21 B34. The prototype "Air Power Cooler" is the company’s first attempt to investigate how the Eco concept can work in tandem with the evolution of the mainboard "ECOlution" and joins the theme for MSI at Cebit08.  

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