Mumbai central suburb waiting for a strong association

Where Mumbai’s Trade Association of IT (TAIT) is busy with their much hyped exhibition Com-Ex, city’s low sub-hub traders are facing a huge problem because of lack of such a strong Association.

The IT dealers from the central suburbs of Mumbai are having several issues, whose solution is far off. Many issues are not only unsolved but yet not raised by any one. Some of such deadly issues include octroi and market stability.

Speaking for such issues, an expectant partner of the region, Mukesh C. Jewani, said, “We had worked for the association but we did not receive enough response from the other dealers as they are busy with their own work.” Adding further Jewani, said, “We will be happier if some one comes in front and take the lead and from our side we will support them in every sense”

Similarly in Dombivili, dealers have some major problems, which lack proper representation. The dealers, along with their regular octroi issues are facing increased problems of robbery cases. A local dealer, Suresh Nirmal, said, “We all want an association to be formed but the concern is that who will give their time to it.” Similarly another dealer, Sachin Patel, said, “We are ready to help to every person who will take such initiative.”

Although the dealers seem to be ready for an association, yet nobody seems to take the actual initiative to bell the cat.


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