Nanopoint appoints Tirupati as National Distributor

Nanopoint Technology, the manufacturer of high end power supply units, today announced that it has appointed Kolkata-based Tirupati Enterprises as its National Distributor for 'Tagan' range of high end power supply units in India. Tagan Power Supply Units are specifically designed to power high performance, I/O intensive graphic workstations, gaming PCs and mini-servers. 

Available in India in capacities ranging from 500 watt to 1300 watts, Tagan high end PSUs enable both mid range and high end GPUs to apply hardware acceleration and enhanced video functions while keeping power consumption and heat levels low. Built for the enthusiast, all Tagan power supplies come with onboard ground wire with golden pin that releases static electricity from the power supply and offer built in Internal OVP (Over Voltage Protection) and OCP (Over Current Protection) that help protect peripherals from sudden power surges.  

"Tagan is a global leading brand in high end power supplies and is well respected the world over for its product quality, engineering, patented technologies and innovative features," says Abhishek Kejriwal, GM, Tirupati Enterprises. He added, "Tagan wide range of PSUs perfectly complement our existing product lines for the gaming and mini-server markets and we are very bullish about Tagan's market prospects in India," he added.  

Using patented TSCT (Tagan Silence Control Technology), Tagan PSUs keep fan noise under 30dBA, even at full-load. Additionally, thermal control fans located inside the PSU adjust automatically to accommodate rise/fall in temperatures inside of the power supply. Black mesh and copper-shielding cables, a Tagan patent, help optimize airflows inside the PSU and make this product a must have for PC enthusiasts.  

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